Co-op Ownership, Rydal East, Inc.

Located in Abington Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, Rydal East has the distinction of being one of only about four co-operative communities in southeastern Pennsylvania.

Nestled in a park-like setting between Abington Hospital on Route 611 and Holy Redeemer Hospital on Huntingdon Pike, Rydal East offers the convenience of both shopping and transportation within walking distance.

Rydal East, Inc. consists of two buildings offering one, two and three bedroom apartments with a terrace or balcony. Conveniently located between the two buildings is a beautiful swimming pool which becomes alive with sun lovers from Memorial Day to Labor day each summer.

According to the United States Postal Service, Rydal East uses either Jenkintown or Rydal as its postal city location. Situated between either location, it’s up to the homeowner which city to identify with and as long as you use the correct zip code, 19046, you’ll get your mail from some of the nicest postal carriers around.

Originally built as an apartment complex, Rydal East later established itself as a corporation offering shares of stock in the community. Home ownership in Rydal East is obtained by acquiring shares in the corporation which are purchased directly from the apartment unit owner.

Co-operative or Co-op home ownership is rarely found in Pennsylvania and is more likely to be found in areas in and around New York City. While it is not a common situation, it has made residents of Rydal East, Inc. very happy for a very long time!